A little about who I am and what i've learned


Sue Sherman

My formal qualifications include..

  • Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate in Women’s Studies,
  • Advanced Study Major in Child Development and Effective Parenting
  • Advanced Study Major in Grief and Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Crisis Supporter in Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  • Coping with Change
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training ‘ASSIST’ workshop in suicide first aid

My Journey

Since embarking on my own journey of personal growth and working with many clients over the years from very young to very old, I have had a passionate desire to help men, women and children take control of their life, build their self-esteem and feel positive about themselves and their world.

I have spoken to, listened to and helped many people through different stages of their life. This has started with children and teenagers who are facing challenges that they should not have to endure at a young age. They sometimes find it difficult to communicate how they feel to their parents and need someone neutral that they can express their feelings insecurities and fears to. I have enjoyed listening to them and supporting them in making responsible decisions for themselves along with positive choices in their lives.

I have spent time and counselled men and women who are going through challenging times in their relationships, struggling with teenage children or are simply finding some of the stresses in their life are getting on top of them. I have helped women deal with the loss they sometimes feel when their children grow up and leave home and they are unsure of what meaning the future may hold. Men and women at this time are usually reaching middle age and are often at a crossroad in their life. I have helped clients understand that life is always changing, and that in itself can be scary, difficult and not without grief. By counselling them I have helped them realise that change can also be exciting with new challenges and opportunities where they can embrace life with new energy and pursue things that they may have never thought possible.

Lastly but certainly not less important I have spent a lot of time working with elderly people who have often had to grieve the loss of their partners and learn to adjust to a life on their own.  This is usually at a time when they are facing physical challenges and they feel scared, alone and vulnerable. Listening to them, validating their feelings and giving them the support they need can help them feel more alive and valued.


“A strong person knows that they have strength enough for the journey, but a person of strength knows it is in the journey where they will become strong”